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Congratulations! You have landed on the website of the nation's leading men's leadership site. Here is where men are their most TRANSPARENT - they tell their very personal and professional stories having to do with victory, failure, triumph and loss.

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You will be inspired by the stories of Christian men, leaders who have seen it all and have been willing to come forward and share their stories with us. Their stories are about life's lessons learned - each has shared a facet of their life with us. Such stories are the grist of real life at its best and worst. Such is the evidence of character... that when everything is over in your life, it is our hope these stories express that the most important thing left over will be our character.

As they will share with you, notice that life will ultimately not be how much money they made, how much power they had or even how many games they won. All are simply willing to admit that they, like us, need to be guided by a moral purpose, which comes from our Christian faith. Their testimonies are of God's faithfulness and love in every circumstance and situation.

We believe you will find these stories quite moving, and in them, find accountability and encouragement for your own journey of faith. It is our hope that your journey be evidence of great faithfulness to God, family, friends and work:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty; and
From liberty to abundance.

Be a transparent leader!